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Orange County Auto Theft Investigators Association

Due to summer vacations, the next OCATI Meeting will be on Thursday, September 5, 2019, at the Garden Grove Community Meeting Center...
OCATI Meeting 05/02/19

The Orange County Auto Theft Investigators (OCATI) Association meets on the first Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m., unless it is a holiday or some special circumstance.   There will not be an August Meeting.  The next OCATI meeting will be on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

The meetings are for auto theft detectives, insurance company special investigators, vehicle leasing loss prevention agents, and other people involved in the investigation, recovery, and prevention of vehicle thefts.  Investigators from inside and outside Orange County attend the meetings to share information about current cases, suspects, and auto theft trends.  

The September 5, 2019 OCATI meeting will have the usual round table discussion, as well as training.  The guest speaker and topic have not yet been confirmed.  When they are, the information will be posted here. 

There is a $5.00 fee per meeting. ($10.00 for December

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The OCATI Roster is available to OCATI members as an Adobe .pdf download from the website to assist with your networking needs. The roster consists of OCATI meeting attendees. The roster is a password protected .pdf file, about 151 kb in size (last updated 07/13/19). The password was last given to the attendees at the 07/11/19 meeting. If you do not know the password or wish to have your information updated on the roster, please contact the Webmaster with your name, agency, telephone number, and email address. Click here to go to the roster.

Garden Grove Community Meeting Center
11300 Stanford Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 741-5262
(Click Here for Mapquest Map)
Please park on the west side of the building between the Meeting Center and the Library.
Do not park on the east side of the buidling as that is Senior Center parking only

Position Name / click for email Agency Telephone
President Melissa Somers Crime Prevention Program of SoCal (562) 860-9006
Vice President Alex Natividad California Highway Patrol / SVIP (714) 488-5868
Secretary Betty Ashley Wells Fargo Dealer Services (Retired) (949) 923-1332

2019 Training Presentations at OCATI Meetings

The July meeting was an open forum discussion about the future of OCATI and how to best partner with the Orange County Auto Theft Advisory Committee (OC ATAC).   The goal is to evolve the organization to better meet the needs of OCATI members and the companies and community OCATI serves while remaining true to OCATI history and purpose.   There was an active discussion involving suggestions for training topics, member engagement, and streamlining organizations to make the most of everyone's time and resources.

Guest Speaker Randy GarciaGuest Speaker Randy GarciaThe Guest Speaker at the June 2019 OCATI Meeting was California Highway Patrol Southern Division ISU Officer Randy Garcia, Coordinator of the Salvage Vehicle Program.  Randy gave a presentation on the History of the CHP Salvage program - why it started, statewide inspection process; Defined total loss; Effects of the program - stolen parts coming out of Germany and shipped to USA; Air bag problem - bypass resistors, counterfeit; NMVTIS; Case files.

Guest Speaker Jesse BravoGuest Speaker Dave NavarroThe Guest Speakers at the May 2019 OCATI Meeting were Irwindale PDTRAP Detective Jesse Bravo and CHPOCATT Investigator Dave Navarro. Jesse spoke about the rules regarding the use of the new temporary license plates as well as giving a presentation on the new digital license plates.  Dave spoke about credit washing, including information regarding credit privacy numbers / synthetic IDs and "impound extortion." 

Guest Speaker Lou KovenGuest Speaker Lou KovenThe Guest Speaker at the April 2019 OCATI Meeting was NICB / FEAR Special Agent Lou Koven. Lou works closely with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Outbound Enforcement Team and the CHP FEAR Team.  Lou spoke about how U.S. Customs, NICB, and the CHP FEAR Team can assist in investigations involving suspected export fraud as well as sharing some of the recent recovery cases. 

Guest Speaker A.G. SpeakeGuest Speaker A.G. SpeakeThe Guest Speaker at the March 2019 OCATI Meeting was California Highway Patrol / SLOCATT Investigator A.G. Speake, who is also a Certified iVe Vehicle Forensics Instructor.  A.G. discussed Berla Corporation (USA), whose goal is to create awareness of the investigative applications for the data stored in infotainment and telematic systems.  Included in the presentation was an Overview of what can be acquired from infotainment and telematics systems within a vehicle, the non-destructive methods to acquire and analyze the info, real life cases and studies at local and national levels, discussion on the OEMs currently supported by iVe and vehicle forensics tool kit, and a live demo of vehicle take-a-part.

Guest Speaker Carolyn LoveGuest Speaker Carolyn LoveThe Guest Speaker at the February 2019 OCATI Meeting was California Highway Patrol Investigator Rich Cominos, currently assigned to the United States Secrete Service Electronic Crimes Task Force (USSS - ECTF), Los Angeles, as a digital forensic examiner.  Rich spoke about digital evidence and vehicle theft, as is related to the collection of such evidence, what types of artifacts you can expect to find, limitations and legal issues.

Guest Speaker Carolyn LoveGuest Speaker Carolyn LoveThe Guest Speaker at the January 2019 OCATI Meeting was Carolyn Love, OfferUp Community Safety Program Manager, who gave sharing tips and information about how how OfferUp works with Law Enforcement on criminal cases and investigations. She walked through the tools OfferUp employs to support Law Enforcement and how OfferUp will investigate, respond to, detect and deter criminal activity.

For prior OCATI Meeting Training Presentations, please click here

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